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A true local professional and an experienced negotiator, Lina understands that buying or selling real estate is an important decision and a lifetime investment. She is committed to delivering results that exceed her client’s goals and expectations. Since 2008, Lina has provided the highest level of real estate service to local and international buyers and sellers and her vast experience and achievements are evident in her approach as a real estate sales representative. By educating clients she empowers them to make informed choices to achieve what’s best for them, whether it’s selling their home or investment property and obtaining a maximum return on investment or finding the perfect place to call home. In addition, fluency in English, Bulgarian and Russian gives Lina a substantial advantage in Canada’s multicultural society.

Lina has extensive experience with buying and selling of resale homes, pre-construction homes and condominium residences as well as with commercial real estate, residential leasing and assignment sales in Toronto and its surrounding communities. Her knowledge and passion for Toronto and its neighbourhoods enables Lina to offer her clients a unique insight into this great city.

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There is no doubt saying that Mississauga has become a booming real estate sector in Canada. As per the prevailing trend, many people migrate with families in GTA and buy luxury homes within their budget. As the numbers of property seekers are inclining with every passing day, the market has witnessed an equivalent proportion of people looking to sell the property quickly and migrate to other locations due to one or the other reason.

All moving parts of this transaction cannot be expected to happen quickly, like if you are looking to sell your property in another location in Canada in order to buy luxury homes in Mississauga. Every aspect needs to be analyzed considering all the pros and cons, as you should be getting the best value of the property that helps to arrange the finance of buying a new home in another location.

The experts always suggest following essential tips before taking a step ahead to buy luxury homes in Mississauga. But people make hasty decisions to get the best ROI quickly, and investing in new property by selling the existing one is not wise.

Tips to Consider While Buying Luxury Homes in Mississauga, Selling Your Existing Property in Canada

  1. An Extensive Research:  With the advancement in technology, you can check the available luxury properties for sale in Mississauga, Canada, over the web and mark it as favorites for further conversation. Alongside this, ensure you also get the best return upon selling the existing property in Canada.
  2. Schedule a Meeting with Realtor after checking reviews: As house owner keeps the realtors in the loop while putting their properties for sale, you need to connect with the reputed firm and make them know about your desire to buy luxury homes available for sale in Mississauga, Canada. They can be quite helpful to you in selling your existing property quickly in Canada at the best price, which will help you buy luxury homes. Make sure you do proper research of the realtors as per aspects like experience and reliability.
  3. Discuss the Property and Location you Desire

Connecting with a reliable realtor will surely help you get the best guidance in selecting the best property of all time in Mississauga, Canada. The real estate professionals have a complete idea about the aspirant sellers with whom they are connected to find the potential buyer.

Toronto Homes – The Top-Notch Destination that can Fulfill Your Requirements

Connecting with realtors is essential as you alone can’t find the best from the available luxury homes for sale in Mississauga, Canada. They are quite experienced in terms of helping you buy the best luxury home with all essential amenities.

Other than this, these reliable professionals having complete knowledge about the market price help find potential buyers for your home. Though there are several realtors available, torontoshome.ca/ is one amongst those to opt from. We have a team of professionals who can help you buy luxury homes for sale.


Buying a property in Toronto, at times, can be an overwhelming experience. Nevertheless, it is a huge decision, and there are several aspects that you must take care of. More importantly, navigating the actual buying process is somewhat complicated for a first-time buyer. Hence, it makes perfect sense to connect with an experienced real estate agent who can provide active support and guidance.

So, while buying a real estate property in Toronto, it helps if you have a good understanding of a few critical steps. We have compiled a list of a few critical steps that will help you make the right call on that front.

Steps To Follow While Purchasing a Property in Toronto

Start by doing some proper research

The first piece of advice for you would be to make an assessment of the real estate market. Under the circumstances, you should start by doing some basic research. As a first-time buyer, you must consider the options. Take a look around and browse the MLS listings to find the perfect home of your choice. In case you need help in locating the ideal property, feel free to connect with us.

Determine the price and budget

As of now, the real estate market in Toronto is witnessing a massive uptick in prices. For a first-time buyer, things might become a bit dicey. A lot depends on the type of property you are looking for. There is no point in buying a home that is going to cost a fortune. Always look for homes that fit into your profile and budget.

Location and amenities

You have certain set expectations when it comes to your future home. To start with, you will prefer a location that is easily accessible from the key landmarks in Toronto. It should be a part of a community that is lined with parks, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. Besides, for enhanced comfort and luxury, you will prefer the home to be lined with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

To find the ideal home of your choice might seem like a distant task. But with the help of an experienced realtor, you will eventually find a way out.

Find an Experienced Real Estate Agent

While looking forward to buying a property, you will, of course, need some assistance. It is here that you have to enlist the services of a realtor. But finding a relator capable of addressing your specific needs and concerns is a tough call. So, what you can do is to read the reviews and check their websites to get a better perspective. You can even ask for referrals from friends and family.

Once you have made the right choice, the real estate agent will be in a position to help you out. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy or sell real estate investment properties in Toronto or if you are interested in a house for your family, your agent will always make it a point to stand by until you have successfully closed the deal.


If you want to buy a property in Toronto, please feel free to call us. With our experience and knowledge, we will make things easy for you.


Buying a pre-construction condo is beneficial as it offers better pricing options and various choices to choose from. If you buy a pre-construction condo, you will get the best prices, and you can choose the floor at your convenience, but it is possible when you buy in the beginning phase.

Pre-Construction Condo

Buying pre-construction condos in Toronto, Canada, means buying a condo either before or during construction. By signing the documents, you will get the condo in your name before the building is ready. The price list, brochures, floor plans, and other building details will be shared with you to help you make a better decision.


Here are a few most important things that you can do to buy a pre-construction condo in Canada:

1. Get Approved

Financing is everything when it comes to investing in a property. Before you go out and make a commitment to a pre-construction condo, ensure that you have a lot of enough to deposit. If you like buying pre-construction condominiums in Toronto, Canada, then check your finances first. The type of pre-construction condo you will buy will depend on how much you can afford. Therefore, before booking a pre-construction condo, make sure you have the right budget.

2. Selling Stages

There are three kinds of selling stages when it comes to pre-construction condos. One is the VIP phase, the Platinum phase, or open to the public. Builders & developers sell their pre-construction condos in these three phases. To get access to the VIP or Platinum phase, get in touch with renowned real estate agents. Agents stay in touch with developers and builders, and they can help you buy pre-construction condos in Toronto, Canada, at the best price. Discuss your needs with the real estate agent and find the pre-construction condo in your desired area.

3. Research the Developer

The reputation of the developer or a builder is important in buying pre-construction condominiums in Toronto, Canada. You can check the work of the developer by visiting the construction site or asking about him with your real estate agent. The best real estate agent will always provide you with trustworthy developers or builders. Once you are fully satisfied with the developer, ask for the expected date of completion and proceed with further steps of buying a pre-construction condo.

4. Examining the Floor

You can select your preferred floor plan of the condo you wish to purchase in the pre-construction phase. With the help of your real estate agent, you can examine the pre-construction office and decide which floor you want to buy at your convenience.

5. Sign a Purchase Agreement

Once you select the pre-construction condo, sign a contract that gives you future ownership of the condo. You will be most likely to pay a 5-20% down payment at the time of signing the agreement. Once everything is done correctly, you can pay the amount by a money order or certified cheque in a systematic process designed for the pre-construction condo by the developers or builders.

The Bottom Line

Buying pre-construction condos in Toronto from developers or builders brings enormous benefits. You can customize the home as per your interests, and do not worry about repairing any materials anytime soon. If you are buying pre-construction condos for the first time, consult with the top real estate agent in your area for a convenient purchasing process.