Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Shuja and Yolanda Jashanmal

We can’t even begin to tell you how thankful we are to you Lina for helping us find our home. We are relatively new to the city and with my travels in and out of country, having the time to find our home was so much more difficult. You have been an excellent realtor and advisor and we truly appreciate you hearing us out, understanding our needs, our budget, and our aspirations. With a little bit of timely scheduling and home hunting we found our perfect place all thanks to you. Your resourcefulness in assisting me with the bank mortgage processes and also with experts to look over the new home has been most appreciated. Last but not least you also connected us with the real estate lawyer who turned out to be fantastic. We've just settled into our new place and are loving it. All thanks to you Lina, you’re a friend for life and always welcome to our home.

By: Ahmed J

Lina was awesome in dealing with us on both selling and buying at the same time. She was extremely patient with us, very helpful and intelligent in answering all of our questions, provided invaluable insights and information about each and every property we have seen. Her dedication and commitment to her clients is really unparalleled. She is also a good negotiator as well. On top of all that, she really and truly puts her client's interests first, which is really important. Will for sure recommend her to all my friends and family and for sure will use her services on our next move

By: Atanas Tanev

Thank you Lina for helping us sell our house for such a short time. You are very determined. We are very satisfied with the process of selling the house. We highly recommend you as a real estate agent. Thank you Lina and good luck.

By: Celso Datuin

We would like to thank Lina for doing an Excellent job being able to sell our Condominium in 3 days even during this pandemic situation. We would highly recommend Lina to our friends, family and even to anybody that would be looking for a reputable and honest real estate agent.

By: Jeyasutha Kathiravelu

Lina is a wonderful agent! She had an excellent approach guiding me through the process of buying a house. She answered all my questions. Lina was professional and knowledgeable. She explained the paperwork involved, recommended a lawyer and mortgage agent. Lina is the best realtor. I would highly recommend her as your agent.

By: Liza, Jerwin and Austin

We just bought our first home sweet home and by far our biggest investment as a family, through the help of Lina. We have been preapproved for a condo townhouse for a couple of months, worked with 2 different realtors, got our preapproval extended and yet we couldn't find a property that would fit our budget, convenience and preferences at the same time. We met Lina only 3 days before we found the right "HOUSE". Before she came, I was already frustrated and almost planning to postpone our plan of buying a house. We have been to several properties, made an offer but no luck. Lina came to us at the right time. She was very persistent in calling, then we met, and she said the words, "I will help you." These words that she said, although very simple, were uttered in a most sincere way. She gave us hope that we can find our house. We were happy, we trusted her, she sent incredible and promising listings. We only visited 3 properties on the day that we found "the one". She is very patient, not to mention the December weather was no joke, but we saw her dedication and passion in helping us. She would provide ideas, would patiently answer our questions, and will say "let's keep our options open" and then we would go on. That's amazing!!! That night that we decided to put down an offer for the third and last property that we visited, it was also the deadline for the submission of offers, we only had 30 minutes but we were determined and she was ready!!! The feeling on that night was surreal, couldn't imagine that things were happening so fast. I can go on and on and tell wonderful things about Lina, we've only met her for such a short period of time but we felt like we have known her for long. We are very grateful! Thank you Lina for everything that you've done to help us. You are simply the best.

By: Maryam

Lina thank you so much for finding the best house for us in such short period of time. Dealing with you is very comfortable and enjoyable. You answered all the questions promptly and honestly. You are an amazing agent!

By: Shawn Dympep

Lina is a go-getter for you. She is always there, rain or shine, throughout the week to get us our home and place that we want. We have been associated with Lina for several months and I could say that she is hardworking, knowledgeable and knows her job well. I highly recommend her expertise without hesitation.

By: Marina Xiggoros

Many, many thanks to Lina who recently sold our family home, Your patience, expertise and going the extra mile for us boundless times is so appreciated.

By: Jay Mondiu

Lina was very helpful and professional in helping us buy our first home. Her knowledge of the GTA is absolutely fantastic and we were able to draw on her wealth of knowledge and experience to secure a very good deal and of course a great property. She is easy to speak to and will always give you all the attention you need if you have any questions relating to real estate, moving, legal services etc. I would strongly recommend her for your real estate purchase or sale now or anytime in the near future.

By: Mudassir Zaidi

Lina is the best real estate agent ever. I am forever her client and this is my second property with her. She doesn't force you to buy anything and always have the best ofyour interest at her heart even if it means a delay in buying or seeing more properties . She is so amazing me and my wife both love her. Thanks Lina for your efforts! God bless you!

By: Hassam Dalal and Reem

Lina, thank you for the support through-out the experience, you were very patient, professional, and knowledgeable on the brokerage side, you provided me with good lawyer and inspection contacts, it was more like working with a friend that was compassionate about what we were looking for and not a broker who wants to get a fee and disappear. I would be happy to refer you to anyone else..

By: Jenine and Daniele

We just bought our first home and we cannot thank Lina Gueorguieva enough! She arranged endless condos for us to see, she made searching for a home easy and helped us with every detail from beginning to end. Lina is very communicative, organized, helpful, patient, and most importantly, she is so nice and genuine. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with - I highly recommend working with her! You won't be disappointed.

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